Powerful and expressive, poetry has always been the most popular form of art at protests and gatherings. It is commanding enough to attract attention both on ground and social media.

Our country is seeing widespread protests to oppose the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and most of these protests are led by students across the nation.

Indian Express

We have witnessed some really powerful poems in the ongoing protests. One of them being the one where Amir Aziz, a student of Jamia Millia Islamia expressed his resentment against the newly amended act.


In the opening lines, he warns the system that they might kill us with their bullets, but it we won’t die of those bullets.

His poem perfectly explains what resistance is when he says that we definitely fear death, but we cannot be frightened by this fear.

We are a nation of religious diversity and this diversity gives us our unity. Aziz also mentions how we are all influenced by different Gods at different points in our life.

Refusing to tolerate these atrocities, he signals towards the launch of a new revolution in India and refusing to accept the verdict of parliament based on a 7-hour session, he signals that the new India is on a rise.

His poem hits exactly where it’s supposed to, when he says that he refuses to accept alms in place of his rights, rights as a citizen of this country.

He even ends his poem on a revolutionary note saying that he refuses to accept all such claims that call curfew a democracy and hatred a rule.

You can listen to the complete poem here.