We thought it was just a rumour. But when we checked it out for ourselves, well, it checked out.

A bunch of Indian hackers who call themselves “Indian Hackers Online Squad” have actually defaced the Pakistan People’s Party’s official website.

For easier reference, the Pakistan People’s Party is led by Bilawal Bhutto , who was in the news recently for claiming at an election rally in Pakistan that h e would “take back” all of Kashmir from india.


This is what the site looked like before the attack.

This is how it looked after it was hacked.

The hackers posted this message,

And followed up with a couple of memes;

Like this;

And this;

And this one.

They signed off with an audio recording of a prank call to a Pakistani citizen by Radio Mirchi’s R.J Naved which you can listen to here .

They bragged about this on their “official” Facebook page. And the sparks are beginning to fly.

You can check out the website here . The story is currently developing. We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

H/T to The Tecnica