The disrespect with which entertainers are treated in our society was highlighted once again when a female Pakistani singer lost her life during a performance. 

According to a report by BBC, eight-month pregnant singer Samina Sindhu was shot dead while she was performing in a ceremony.


Although the exact circumstances of her death are not entirely clear, it is being alleged that the man who shot her requested her to stand up during the performance and when she didn’t oblige, he took out a gun and shot her dead.

The singer’s husband, Ashiq Sammoo, said in a police complaint,

A man at the celebration had pointed a gun at her and “threateningly ordered her to stand up and sing”. When she said she was pregnant and could not stand, the man shot her.

A video of the incident is also being circulated on social media.

The local police there initially refused to note down the complaint saying that the murder was an ‘accident’.

However, the suspect has been arrested and a complaint has been lodged against him.

Musicians in Pakistan have now held protests to demand justice for the dead singer. 

We hope justice is served soon.