Villages in remote areas, across India still lack proper road connectivity and this is a matter of concern as it becomes extremely difficult for someone to travel from the village to the town or city during emergency situations. 

In a heart-wrenching incident a pregnant woman named Lakshmi Yalam was carried across Chintawagu river in a utensil, with the help of her family members, to reach a hospital which was 15 kms away from their native village. 

The incident took place in Bijapur’s Gorla in Chhatisgarh. The pregnant lady was admitted to Bhopalpatnam Community Health Center. After reaching the hospital, Lakshmi unfortunately gave birth to a still born. 

Though, Harish Yalam, Lakshmi’s husband alleges medical negligence in the case. He states that his wife was experiencing labour pain but the doctor and the nurse said it was not time yet. Later, they left after their shift got over without attending to his wife. He said: 

We took her to a hospital 15 km away. The next day she began experiencing labour pain. Doctor and nurse said it is not yet the time. Later they left after their shifts. The next shift came several hours later and called up doctor. She delivered a stillborn child.

Speaking about the incident, Block Medical Officer (BMO), Bhopalpattnam, Ajay Ramteke stated that the matter is being investigated and a letter has also been sent to higher officials to take action. He said: 

We have issued a notice to the doctor and nurse. We will send a letter to higher officials for further action, after the doctor and nurse file a reply to the notices.

Lakshmi, who is in a state of shock, has now gone back to her maternal home in Minur.