At a time when there is a debate going on if Indian Premiere League should be played in the drought-hit states of India, Bollywood actress and co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab has reached out to help the farmers of Nashik, a village that has been affected by the scarcity of water. 

The actress funded the digging of a new well in Nirhale-Phattepur, Nashik and also provided water to the village through water tankers. The actress took on social media websites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and posted a video of her charity. 

According to her post she also donated for food supplies for the villagers and is trying to provide them with solar powered lights.

While the BCCI and IPL may or may not choose to follow Lalit Modi’s advice (he wanted them to donate Rs 1000 crore for the cause), this is much easier to do and all the IPL owners should wholeheartedly get into the act.