Making a rarest of the rare appearance in a video commercial, US President Barack Obama has endorsed “good friend” Indian-American Raja Krishnamoorthi for the US Congress from a Congressional district in Chicago suburb.

“Hi, this is Barack Obama asking you to vote for my good friend Raja Krishnamoorthi for Congress,” Obama said in the short video that has started running on local television station of 8th Congressional District of Illinois.

In the video, President describes Krishnamoorthi as a “good friend” who helped him “develop ideas for building an economy that works for everyone” when he ran for the US Senate.

Having won the Democratic Party’s Congressional primary in Illinois, Krishnamoorthi, 42, now faces Peter DiCianni of the Republican party.

“When I ran for the US Senate, Raja helped me develop ideas for building an economy that works for everyone. Now Raja’s plans will help small businesses grow, raise wages, and help families pay for college. The polls are open now, so don’t waste a minute. Vote Raja Krishnamoorthi for Congress,” Obama said.

The 30-second video shows one of the pictures of Obama at Krishnamoorthi’s home having Indian food at a dinner.

Busy campaigning in his district Krishnamoorthi told PTI in an interview that economy is the main issue in his district along with education, social security and healthcare.

This is Krishnamoorthi’s second attempt to enter the US House of Representative. He was defeated in the Democratic primary in 2012.

Obama has also recorded a phone call to reach out all the households in his Congressional district, he said.

Based on the feedback that he has been receiving from the ground, Krishnamoorthi said people are “horrified” with the prospect that Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, could be the president of the US.

Krishnamoorthi said Trump is a dangerous and divisive candidate who has no place in the White House.