Like our parents hide all the old stupid stuff in the house when guests come in, the city of Ahmedabad had done away with its stray dogs and cattle. But now that the US President has gone back home, these animals have been allowed to roam the streets again. 

Times of India

According to the Times of India, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation had caught 48 cows and buffaloes, and 55 dogs from the Motera Stadium area before Trump’s visit.

The main reason behind this was to keep these animals away from the VVIP route. The Cattle and Dog Nuisance Control Department had constituted a team to catch stray dogs within 2-3 km radius of the said route.

FYI, the airport area and the 1-km radius around Motera stadium is known for ‘nilgai’ intrusions. One had actually been hit by US Secretary of State John Kerry’s convoy back in 2015. 

To make sure that this doesn’t happen again, these creatures had also been taken in. 

Now that the animals are being released the AMC is making sure that the dogs are neutralised and sterilised before they are let out into new territory. 

wikimedia commons

The cattle owners, however, have to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 to get their animals back. They have been fined for allowing their bovines to roam freely on the streets and posing danger to people.