Whether you stay in Delhi, Mumbai or any other city in India, one of the things that remain unchanged is the behaviour of autorickshaw drivers. Chutta nahi hai, luggage ka extra charge lagega, wapas khali aana padta, ah, these replies remain common in every city. Forget bargaining, there are a whole lot of things that a common man goes through while hiring an auto. One guy conveyed his thoughts on dealing with these three-wheeler drivers on Facebook and it’s bound to strike a chord with you. 

Madhav Vijay, a Mumbai resident, took to social media to express his concern regarding the attitude of auto drivers towards prospective passengers. His Facebook post clearly reflects the pain and anger that a person goes through when an auto driver denies taking him to a place without even listening to him and how cab services like Ola and Uber make money out of their negligent behaviour. Sadly, the auto world is not even trying to realise the situation.

The Economic Times

Hear him out below:


Agree or not, we all have been there at some point of time. 


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