Disclaimer: The article contains the description of a triggering advertisement. Reader discretion is advised.

One of the recent advertisements of Layer’r Shot – a deodorant brand – is so disturbing, that we wonder how it got the clearance to be aired on TV. 

The ad shows a group of guys entering a room while a couple is already present inside. One of these guys asks the couple, “Shot maara?”. To which the man sitting on the bed says yes, as the woman looks at him.

Then the guy who asked the question, says, “Ab humari baari“, and proceeds to grab a bottle of Layer’r Shot

Pretty sure the makers thought this was clever as hell, when in fact, it was simply, categorically, problematic.

A Twitter user brought this to everyone’s notice and while we can’t find the ad on the internet as of now, it is still reportedly running on television. 

For a long time now, people have been raising their voices against such offensive advertisements but no one seems to bat an eyelid.

They’ll censor everything except problematic stuff.