With concerns over rising cases of coronavirus in Gurugram and neighbouring regions, the Haryana government decided to seal the borders connecting Delhi and Gurugram, leading to chaos and massive traffic jams, this morning. 

Hundreds of cyclists and motorcyclists were stopped at the Delhi-Gurugram border as they were not allowed to pass through the barricades without checking. 

However, cars were allowed to pass through. And, this upset many people who started to protesting. 

Protesters questioned the police as to why they weren’t being allowed to pass through when other vehicles were crossing the border freely. 

The policemen also tried to persuade people to return home but, after an hour the checkpoint was completely sealed off for everyone. Only those in essential services were allowed to cross the border. 

Talking about the spike in coronavirus cases in Haryana, Home Minister Anil Vij, on Thursday said

The main reason behind the spike in cases is the entry of people from Delhi into areas of Haryana which share its border with Delhi. 

He further added:

In the last one week, Faridabad reported 98 cases, Jhajjar reported six cases, Sonipat 27 and Gurugram 111 cases. Barring those categories for which relaxation has been granted by the high court and the Home Ministry, the inter-state border should be sealed.

Many Twitter users questioned the intention of the Haryana government. 

However, the Haryana government has assured that essential workers will be allowed to cross the border if they have e-passes. 

Delhi has reported more than 15,000 cases while Haryana has reported more than 1,300 cases.