Shared hardship brings people together and the example of that was recently seen when an Air India plane entered Pakistan’s Flight Information Region on its way to Frankfurt, recently.

The flight was taking relief materials and European citizens back, and people at Pakistan Air Traffic Controller made sure they did their bit by showering praise on the Indian crew.

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In an interview given to ANI, one of the senior captains said:

It was a very proud moment for me as well as the entire Air India crew when we heard from Pakistan ATC praising our special flight operations to Europe.

While also quoting the Pakistan ATC: 

Assalaam Alaikum! This is Karachi’s control welcoming Air India for relief flights to Frankfurt.
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And this is how the rest of the conversation went:

Pak ATC: Confirm are you operating relief flights for Frankfurt.

Air India captain: AFFIRM.

Pak ATC: You are cleared direct to exit point Kebud request estimate crossing Kebud (Exit).

Air India captain: Cleared direct Kebud, Thank you.

Pak ATC: We are proud of you that in a pandemic situation you are operating flights, Good Luck!

Air India captain: Thank you so much.

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Soon after, the Pakistan air control room also helped India with a radar-related problem.

We can all use positive news like this.