The heinous and cowardly attack on our CRPF jawans in Pulwama on 14th Feb 2019, cannot be condemned enough, and shall never be forgotten. 

In what can be termed as one of the biggest terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir since 2004, at least 40 CRPF personnel laid down their lives for our nation. They are not mere ‘numbers’ but lives, lives of heroes, fathers, brothers, and our countrymen. 

Indian Express

Here’s remembering the martyrs, the brave soldiers we lost. 

1. Ct/GD Rathod Nitin Shivaji

2. Ct/GD Bhagirathi Singh

3. Ct/GD Virendra Singh

4. HC/RO Awadhesh Kumar Yadav

5. Ct/GD Ratan Kumar Thakur

6. Ct/Dvr Pankaj Kumar Tripathi

7. Ct/GD Jeet Ram

8. Ct/Wm Amit Kumar

9. Ct/Bug Vijay Kr Maurya

10. Ct/Gd Kulwinder Singh

11. HC/GD Maneswar Basumatari

12. ASI/GD Mohal Lal

13. HC/GD Naseer Ahmad

14. HC/DVR Jaimal Singh

15. Ct/GD Sukhjinder Singh

16. Ct/Bug Tilak Raj

17. Ct/GD Rohitash Lamba

18. HC/GD Vijay Soreng

19. Ct/GD Vasantha Kumar V.V.

20. Ct/GD Subramian G.

21. Ct/GD Manoj Kr Behra

22. HC/Crypto Narayan Lal Gurjar

23. Ct/GD Mahesh Kumar

24. Ct/GD Pradeep Kumar

25. HC/GD Hemraj Meena

26. HC/GD P K Sahoo

27. Ct/GD Ramesh Yadav

28. HC/GD Sanjay Rajput

29. Ct/Cook Koushal Kumar Rawat

30. Ct/GD Pradeep Singh

31. Ct/GD Guru H

32. HC/GD Sanjay Kumar Sinha

33. HC/GD Ram Vakeel

34. Ct/GD Shyam Babu

35. Ct/GD Ajit Kumar Azad

36. Ct/WC Maninder Singh Attri

37. HC/GD Bablu Santra

38. Ct/GD Ashvni Kumar Kaochi

39. Ct/GD Sudip Biswas

40. Ct/GD Sivachandran C

41. HC/GD Gopal Singh Kiroola

We salute these officers and they will always be remembered with pride in the history of our nation.