In a shocking case, a 10-year-old boy, Jinay Shah was allegedly strangulated to death by his 65-year-old grandfather, Sudhir Shah. The grandfather subsequently committed suicide by jumping from the seventh floor of a building in Kondhwa, Pune, reports Indian Express.

The police found a suicide note near the grandfather’s dead body where he wrote about his frustration over an ongoing property dispute with his relatives, reports Pune Mirror.

The Indian Express report further states that the legal battle with his relatives was over their electronic shop in Shirur, 63 km from Pune. 

b’Spot where the grandfather committed suicide | Source: Youtube screenshot’

In the suicide note accessed by the paper, the grandfather wrote, 

“I will live for next 10 to 15 years. Instead of going to the court all these years, I prefer to die and get rid of this matter forever… I am taking Jinay along with me. I cannot go without Jinay. I have been taking his care. So I have taken the hard decision to take him along.”

As per the report, this is what the police believes happened on the night of March 18:

  • 11 pm – After dinner, Jinay’s father went to sleep in his bedroom along with his wife and daughter. Jinay went to sleep with his grandfather in the hall.
  • 1.30 am, Shah strangulated Jinay. Carried his body to the staircase outside the apartment and then jumped from a duct space of the seventh-floor flat.
  • 4.30 am – Local residents who were on a morning stroll called police after they found their bodies lying motionless. The family members were immediately woken up and informed.
b’Building where the Shah family lives. Source: Youtube Screenshotxc2xa0′

As per the Pune Mirror report, the grandfather and the grandson shared a strong bond. Jinay had reportedly undergone a heart surgery recently and his grandfather was always by his side, taking care of him. 

Neighbours narrated to the media how from dropping him to school to picking up him, playing with him in the evenings and putting him to bed at night, Jinay was rarely ever seen away from his grandfather.

The family is reportedly in shock, unable to come to terms with the event that unfolded. It is reported that relatives are keeping curious visitors away in an effort to give them space and respect their privacy.

Speaking to the media, Senior inspector Rajendra Mokashi said, “Further probe has corroborated the sequence of events we established on the first day. After conducting search, we found another note by Shah talking about ending his life. This note was written sometime in December.” According to the Police, Shah didn’t take the step as there was a family function in approaching.

(Feature Image Source: Youtube screenshot)