If there is a will, there is a way – we have often heard this simple yet powerful quote. 

A 31-year-old man from Pune just proved it once again, after working hard to qualify as a judge despite suffering from cerebral palsy. 

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According to The Indian Express, Nikhil Prasad Baji – a resident of Navi Peth – has cleared the examination for Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate First Class.


Conducted by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission, Baji will now be eligible to head for judicial training before taking place in the state’s administration. 

Despite suffering from Bells Palsy, which paralyzed half his face, Baji never showed any signs of slowing down and took admission into Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) after clearing the CLAT in his very first attempt. 

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Keeping a steady focus on his long-term goals, Nikhil started practicing law at Shivajinagar District court after completing his graduation degree. 

He also worked at the Debt Recovery Tribunal for the next five years. 

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After cracking the preliminary round of the examination for becoming a civil judge, he was about to appear for the mains but Bells Palsy made it extremely difficult and he had to postpone his plans. 

However, he recovered quickly within a month and proceeded towards his remaining objectives.

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Talking about his struggles, he said: 

There are roadblocks and obstacles that come in the way to achieving your goals, but if you are determined enough, nothing can stop you. Judiciary was always at the back of my mind. I had appeared for this exam after graduation, but lagged behind by a few marks. So I decided to practise law for a few years and then appear again.
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Apart from his parents, he has credited advocate Ganesh Shirsat Avhad, of B E Avhads’s Law Classes, for guiding him and never letting him down when he needed his advice. 

He also thanked his brother and sister-in-law for their unconditional support. 


After being selected, Nikhil Prasad felt he had learnt a lesson from every stage of his life so far and that he feels charged after clearing the examination. 

He said: 

The process for me was self-evolving, with something to learn at every stage, which is more important according to me. And when the result is positive, it is the greatest achievement. It’s an honour for me to be selected for the post. There will be challenges and responsibilities upon us to do justice to the post. The judiciary has been maintaining the highest standards of decorum and I just hope to contribute to it and serve justice.
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Nikhil Prasad Baji’s ambitious dream came true after he worked and stayed focused without worrying about a possible chance of failure. 

Big things happen to those who have dreamt of it. Indeed.