With BJP securing an overwhelming majority in the Lok Sabha elections, almost every other party and candidate were disappointed. But things were different for Neetu Shutteran Wala - an independent candidate from Punjab. The reason being, he got cheated by the ones he trusted the most.

Crying outside the counting venue, Neetu said that he's got only 5 votes in the elections, reports Times of India. 

However, that wasn't the saddest part. The fact that even the 9 people in his own family did not vote in his favour, hurt him the most.

Talking to a reporter outside the counting station, Neetu said:

I have nine votes in my family but got only five votes and this is shocking for me. My entire street had vowed to vote for me but I just got five votes. I had remained away from my shop for a month and worked among people but they did not vote for me.
Source: Times of India

The video of the short interview that was uploaded yesterday has been going viral, since people can't decide whether to sympathise with him or laugh at the situation.

Neetu, who became famous after picking up a phone attached to a hoax bomb, might have jumped to a conclusion too early because the final tally showed that he won 856 votes.

Neetu couldn't be a winner but he now knows that at least his family voted for him.