Punjab is facing its worst flood in 40 years. Following incessant rain and the release of excess water from the Bhakra Nangal Dam, the Sutlej river and its tributaries have flooded several low-lying areas.


While the state has brought the Indian Army into action to provide relief material to the affected people, Khalsa Aid International is also playing a great role in bringing things to normalcy.

According to a Facebook post by the organization, an amount of £1,50,000 (₹1.3 crore) has been released towards the relief work in the state.

Volunteers of Khalsa Aid International are involved in rescuing the stranded people in the flooded areas.

They are also providing food and other relief materials to the affected people.

The founder of the organisation has also made an appeal for donation and support during these tough times.

“I will personally guarantee that all funds raised for Panjab, will be spent in Panjab. Your donations to Khalsa Aid will go a long way, so please keep donating and supporting.”

You can make your donations here.