The sudden imposition of a nationwide lockdown in India to prevent the curb of coronavirus has left several people stranded. Amid this, people from different sections of society are coming forward to help those in need. 

Gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib in Malerkotla, Punjab is feeding some students of a nearby Madarsa who were stuck here after the imposition of the lockdown.

The Quint

According to a report by The Quint, some of the students at the madarsa were sent to their homes when the government announced a nationwide lockdown, but about 40 of them remained stuck.

These students were facing challenges in feeding themselves. When the Gurdwara committee learned about their problems, they decided to take up the responsibility to feed them.

The Tribune

Speaking to The Tribune, the Maulvi in-charge of the Madarsa expressed gratitude to the gurdwara for their help. He said:

After the imposition of curfew, the trains were cancelled. Since we did not expect sudden curfew, we couldn’t make required arrangements. But we are thankful to the gurdwara committee for taking care of it. They always help whenever anyone is in trouble.

The same gurdwara is also involved in feeding 1000 people twice a day.

Another gurdwara in Malerkotla has also taken the responsibility of feeding migrant labourers who are stuck in the nearby areas due to the lockdown.