After the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, the whole country is under a 21-day lockdown to break the spread chain of the virus. During this lockdown, people are advised to avoid gatherings, however, there are many who are ignoring the warnings and risking the lives of others.

COVID-19 lockdown
Source: India Today

A similar incident took place in Punjab where a 70-year-old man, identified as Baldev Singh, died due to coronavirus and now around 40,000 people of 20 villages are quarantined.

Coronavirus lockdown
Source: Financial Express

According to BBC, Baldev Singh, who recently returned from a trip to Italy and Germany was advised to undergo a self-quarantine. However, he ignored the advice and visited a large gathering to celebrate the Sikh festival of Hola Mohalla shortly before he died.

India under lockdown
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The situation is alarming as a week after his death, 19 of his relatives have tested positive. Considering the seriousness of the situation, another five villages in an adjoining district have also been sealed. 

A senior official said,

So far, we have been able to trace 550 people who came into direct contact with him and the number is growing. We have sealed 15 villages around the area he stayed.
Road sanitization
Source: The Statesman

As of now, Punjab has 30 confirmed cases, however, experts are worried that the real number of positive cases could be much higher.