PUBG is an addictive game. Almost everyone who has played the game will admit to having played it for hours on an end. However, most of us don’t spend money on it, a lot of money to be accurate. Sure, we have bought battle passes and new skins but that’s not a lot of money. 


However, this kid from Punjab has taken it a little too far. According to NDTV, a 17-year-old from Punjab spent Rs. 16 lakhs from his parents’ bank accounts to make in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile.


The reports also claim that this money was his father’s life’s savings kept for medical expenses.

Reports also claim that claimed that the teenager had access to three bank accounts that he used to upgrade his PUBG Mobile account. He also reportedly made these purchases for his teammates. The family came to find out about this after checking their bank statements. 


The father who is a government employee with a medical history told reporters: 

He used her (mother’s) mobile phone to make all transactions and would delete the message regarding amount debited from the accounts. 

Following the incident, the teenager has been made to work in a repair shop. 

I just can’t let him sit idle at home and cannot give him a mobile phone even for studying. 
Defence PK

While this incident might come as news to most people, it is hardly the first time kids have spent an ungodly sum of money on video games.