It does not matter if it’s a person or an animal, cruelty of any sort against any living being is inhumane and heartless. Cruelty against animals more so because they don’t even have the voice or the means to defend themselves against the humans who torture them mercilessly. While there are some do-gooders out there, there are also some people who have no regard for other living creatures. 

In an unfortunate incident, a puppy in Goa was thrown into a drum of tar. Haplessly stuck, the poor thing howled and cried for close to 24 hours before it was heard.

As if the poor puppy wasn’t tortured enough, hearing the loud cries, some people from the nearby residence complex kicked the drum and set it rolling down a few metres.

Thankfully, there were others present who contacted the animal rescue centre, H.O.M.E, and the puppy was finally rescued.

After copious amount of kerosene was applied, and its eyes were attended to, the little pup is now out of danger, but still has a long way to recovery.

Kudos to the rescuers, you make us believe that there’s still some humanity left, after all.

H/T: RedditIndia/PetLife