If you follow Rahul Gandhi on Instagram, or even if you don’t, I am sure you have come across at least one video of him doing some impressive exercise during the campaigns. 

The virality of it makes sense too because Indian politicians aren’t exactly known for fitness. And then, you have Rahul who is out there doing intense gym stuff on the go. 

For instance, not too long ago, this picture of him was shared by people. And if you look closely, you’ll see the reason why. His abs. 

Rahul had gone for a swim with the fishermen in Kerala and someone took a photo of him when he got out of water. 

And everyone had just one to ask: Has he been gymming? I mean, looks like it. 

Rahul also likes to run, if his Randeep Singh Surjewala, Congress spokesperson, is to be believed. 

In an interview to The Print, Randeep said that Rahul makes time for a 12-km-run no matter where he is or what he is doing. 

Even if he gets free at midnight, he’ll come home, wash up, and go for a run. Even on the campaign trail, if it’s 11, 11.30 PM, he makes time for a run.

It shows, too. This video of him is proof. 

Here, Rahul can be seen doing pushups with a young judo player in Mulagumoodu, Tamil Nadu. 

This got so popular, that people started a challenge named #RahulPushUpChallenge, which required them to upload a video of themselves doing the exercise. 

And most recently, he was seen teaching Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art form in a school in Kerala. 

He first asks a girl to hit his hand and then explains to all of them the technicalities of the Aikido. 

He also tell the school girls this very important thing:

The principles of Aikido are the principles of life. You all have huge amounts of strength inside you as long as you are positioning yourself properly.

That’s pretty damn impressive, Mr. Gandhi.