While the country is celebrating the medals both Lovlina Borgohain and PV Sindhu won at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, making us proud of their achievements, there are some who can’t seem to keep religion and caste out of it. 

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Google searches for Lovlina Borgohain religion and PV Sindhu’s caste have increased in the last week, soon after their respective achievements at the Olympics. 

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And the related searches? They weren’t any better. 

Google Trends
Google Trends

Not just on Google, this conversation seems to be trending on Twitter as well, as people notice the searches. 

Instead of applauding the achievements of these two brilliant athletes, we are once again finding ways to divide them. Do we even deserves laurels if we are only going to reduce them to their castes and the religion they were both into? They both won medals for India, and every single Indian deserves the right to be proud of them.