Life has its own twisted ways of making us realize just how tough it can get. There are times when no matter what we do, some things just don’t seem to work out the way we want them to. And sometimes, the going gets so tough that giving up feels like the easy way out.  

Now, I’m no one to give you life advice. But here’s the thing: how hard is it for you to hold on to someone or something you have loved the most? How tough is it to actually set out in the real world and fight for your love? 

It’s a huge world out there, and everyone is fighting their own battle. So all I’m asking you is to stay and fight, if not for your loved ones, then for yourself. It’s easy to make others happy but for you to survive, it’s extremely important that you be happy. 

I’ve always felt that Grey’s Anatomy is not just a show about the medical world, it’s also a show about the battles of life, some of which are fought inside the emergency room. When we’re in an actual life-and-death situation, we start seeing things from a perspective that we haven’t before. It’s no longer about giving up; it’s about fighting as hard as you can instead! 

So what’s better than Grey’s Anatomy to give us some valuable life lessons, right? Lessons that are all about holding on and fighting till our last breath. 

Here are 14 quotes from Grey’s Anatomy that tell us, no matter what, don’t let the fighter inside you die so easily:

Design Credits : Rohit Jakhu