The people of Britain have come out in numbers and made their voices heard – They want Great Britain to come out of the European Union. In a landslide victory for anti-European Union lobbyists, the voice of Englishmen is pretty loud and clear.

While England was busy making this really important decision, a few bigots decided to vandalise a place of worship. In a clearly racist hate-crime, they tried destroying property at a Gurudwaara.

The anti-immigrant feeling has been plaguing Europe for quite some time now. With countries like Germany and Sweden opening their doors for countless refugees and their respective crime rates shooting up through the roof, it was only a matter of time before the bigots and racists would take advantage of the situation. 

There have been reports of an attack on a Gurudwaara in England last night during the voting. This Twitter video has emerged that points towards a possible racist angle to the entire fiasco.

Bigotry and stupidity have no ends. It’s time we realise that having informed opinions is more important than having opinions.