Recently an Emirates jumbo jet carrying 300 passengers and crew, crash landed in Dubai. While all the passengers survived, one firefighter lost his life.


Soon, a video went viral where the passengers were seen panicking during the process of evacuation. You can also hear a passenger worrying about his laptop before getting out. Seeing this a flight attended used the situation to rant about Indian passengers in general. Look at the hate post:


Many people agreed with the post and started commenting with even more hate:



Although, there were some people who came up to defend Indians but it wasn’t enough.


He later deleted the post after UAE-based RJ and TV presenter Mohit Dantre intervened. He took screenshots and addressed the racism and hate with an epic response.

I don’t think he realizes that a situation is called a panic situation because people panic! There is no set behavior pattern that is taught in case your plane explodes into a fireball, is it? And you know why? Because people don’t live to tell the tale! Could people have reacted better? I don’t know! Would people from another country react any different or better? I certainly don’t think so! How does one react to a situation where you see your life is about to end in the next few seconds. And got to love how he has colored his racist rant into a status update full of ‘shock,anger and fear’ . 

Mohit also explained his strong reaction:

This isn’t the first time I have heard such generalized degrading comments about Indians/South Asians by airline crew in the UAE and this definitely won’t be the last time. I hope this post eventually makes it to the bosses at Etihad to give them a glimpse into what some of their staff is making the company look like – Racist and insensitive. And that too towards one of their most money making sectors.

The flight attendant later messaged Mohit Dantre directly:


While most people internet criticised the (admittedly panicked) reactions of the many of the passengers, making it a race issue and generalising an entire country is not called for.

All images sourced from: Mohit Dantre