After much speculation about Rahul Gandhi’s mysterious sabbatical, fresh reports suggest that Gandhi will be ushered in as All India Congress Committee President, come April. According to a NDTV news report , the decision was taken after RaGa held consultations with a cross section of leaders, rather happy with this takeover.

Despite all the headlines he is making, the nation remains unimpressed. Trending topics #WhereIsRahul and #RahulOnLeave remained a source of amusement. Here are some of the top funny tweets.

1. Some dared to say what everyone was thinking, anyway.

2. Comparisons were made. Loyalties were established.

3. The flip-side.

4. Low blow, bro. Low blow.

5. The discussion was rather ‘animated’.

6. Predictions were made.

7. “Mr. Gandhi! The nation wants to know!”

8. You know things are serious when the CID gets involved.

Where do you think Rahul is? Tell us your devious conspiracy theories!