Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi revealed on Monday he trusts his younger sister, Priyanka Gandhi, “more than anybody else”. He also added that he would want to see her take up an role in active politics, but made it clear that it was entirely her decision to do so.

Speaking to Times Of India, he said, “I trust my sister more than anybody else. I’d like her to be actively involved in politics, but it’s up to her to decide when, how and if she wants to do it.”

Labelling Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “selfie and promise-making machine”, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said the promise of ‘achhe din’ is only meant for the PM’s industrialist friends and not for the poor. 

“Narendra Modi made different promises…of Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts of the people, fair price for farmers, employment to two crore and many others… He is a machine that takes selfies and makes promises,” Rahul said addressing a gathering during a road show in Orai, Uttar Pradesh as part of his ongoing ‘Deoria to Dilli kisan yatra’. 

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Accusing Modi of spreading communal disharmony among the people, Gandhi said, “Modi’s core competence is to create hatred among citizens…. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians were living peacefully in the country.” 

“During this yatra, I saw mandir and mazars alongside and this is how people live here.. but he (Modi) comes and makes Hindus fight with Muslims. In Haryana he pitted jats and non-jats against each other…We were in government for ten years but there were no riots. But there are riots as he comes,” Rahul said. 

He alleged ‘achhe din’ have come but only for the Prime Minister and his 12-15 industrialist friends, while the weak and poor suffer due to riots. “Despite all this, he(Modi) says he will bring development…yes, he will do it and bring achhe din but it will only be for himself and his 12 to 15 industrialist friends,” he said. 

“The weak and poor will suffer as there will be riots and fights…and the country which has to progress will lag behind,” Rahul said, adding, Congress and its leaders will not allow this to happen as this country belongs to everyone, all religions, all castes and every poor. 

Recalling the incident in Deoria, where farmers took away cots after the “khat sabha’, Rahul said the poor farmers were branded as ‘thieves’ but Vijay Mallay who fled away with Rs 10,000 crore is called merely a defaulter. “You saved the biggest thief .. you promise to give a fair and lovely scheme to convert your blackmoney into white,” he alleged. 

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