Charging the Narendra Modi government with trying to hurriedly pass the land bill ‘due to some reason’, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, May 26 warned that if the government continued with its policies in this manner, it would not last its full term.

“Modiji promised in his poll speech that the Minimum Support Price will be increased. No such increase took place. All that has been done away with.”

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“Most important thing is that the land bill is being destroyed and the government is hurriedly trying to pass it due to some reason,” he said.

Addressing a massive rally of Youth Congress workers at Kozhikode beach, the Congress vice-president also took a dig at the Modi government saying he wished the ‘suit boot ki sarkar’, which completed one year in office on May 26, a happy birthday.

He said “if they continue in this fashion they will not be able to celebrate their fifth birthday.”

Watch the part of his speech below.