Wijemuni Vijitha Rohana de Silva seems to have a deeper connect with the Gandhi family than most Congress folk.

While our current PM Modi takes in the beauty of Sri Lanka, we’d like to remind you of an incident that occurred the last time an Indian PM visited the country, 27 years ago. Yes, we speak of Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to the island nation in 1987, when he was struck a blow on his shoulder, by a Sri Lankan Navy personnel.

De Silva intended to kill him with that blow, he recounted in a 2007 interview to Daily Mirror . “My intention was that [to kill] because of the damage he had caused to our country.”

Source: The Guardian

Interestingly though, de Silva sent his condolences to the Indian government on Rajiv Gandhi’s death. “As a human being I had nothing against the India Premier, but it was against what he did and his opportunistic policies to support the LTTE,” he is quoted to have said.

Fast forward to 2015, de Silva is currently an astrologer. Where did he learn astrology, you ask? In jail, after the attack on Gandhi senior.

Source: Facebook

In October 2013, de Silva had made three predictions for Indian Express for the two countries’ political future.

One was that Mahinda Rajapaksa government will not last in Sri Lanka. The second one was that BJP will come to power after 2014 Lok Sabha polls in India. The last one was that Rahul Gandhi “will become PM, but in the elections after the next one.”

Source: Deccan Chronicle

The first two predictions have come true. As for the last one, here’s what de Silva has to say.

“Two of my predictions have come true. The third is waiting.”

Is it really possible though? Because here’s what is actually happening in ‘Shehzaada’ land. Delhi Police has been wondering where the Gandhi heir is.

Source: Twitter

Well it’s time our ‘future PM’ resurfaced, don’t you think?