It is too early to get serious about money, believes the 26-year old real estate e-commerce website CEO, Rahul Yadav. He has given away all the company shares worth 150-200 crore rupees to the employees of his company. Yadav was in the news recently for a much talked about resignation and a U-turn soon after that.

A press statement released by reads that the shares have been allotted to the 2251 number of employees of the company by its CEO on Wednesday.

Rahul made an announcement at the company townhall about his decision regarding the share transfer. The employees are expected to receive approximately one year’s salary worth of stocks after this, reports NDTV .

| Source: Hindustan Times

“Housing was started because of two reasons. First, house hunting problem is unsolved globally. Just the problem statement gives me a lot of kick. Second, in each and every country there are four or five players doing the same poor job and still not able to solve the problem. Across the globe there are 500+ players. We want to unify all and create a global giant for real estate so that the one company can afford much higher level of R&D; and technological innovation to push the category forward,” said Rahul.

He also says that he thinks it is too early for him to get serious about money.

“Other than these two, there is no other factor at play here, including money. I’m just 26 and it’s too early in life to get serious about money,” Rahul further said.

In other reports, made the headlines by having almost a 500 per cent jump in its total number of followers since it launched an advertising campaign for which the company reportedly spent 250 crore rupees. has a presence in 85 cities across the country.