School textbooks in India seriously need a thorough proof-reading before being unleashed on young impressionable minds.

After it was found that a Delhi textbook is teaching that 36-24-36 is the perfect figure for women, a Rajasthan textbook is telling its students that to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs a good complexion and a good height. 

According to a report by Indian Express, the text forms part of a book on skill development for Class 12 students. The books itself forms part of the “socially relevant schemes” included in the curriculum for secondary and senior secondary classes in the state. 

Under a topic that lists out qualities of a good entrepreneur, here’s what one of the points say:

Uttam swasthya, prabhavshali vyaktitva, acchi unchai, sundar rang, shaleenta, gambhirta (perfect health, impressive personality, good height, beautiful complexion, sobriety, seriousness).”

Recently, Rajasthan government schools made substantial changes in school textbooks in sync with the initiatives of the Bharatiya Janata Party governments at the Centre and state. 

Large portions of the books have been dedicated to include Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s and Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s schemes such as budget announcements, Make in India initiative and Resurgent Rajasthan investment summit.