This bride from Rajasthan set a progressive example for girl education & we cannot stop but hail her for this decision.

Meet Anjali Kanwar, a resident of Barmer city who decided to spend her 'dowry' money to build a girls hostel. 

Anjali, who married Praveen Singh on November 21, spoke to her father Kishore Singh Kanod before the marriage and asked him to spend Rs 75 lakh to build a girls’ hostel.

Her father agreed to invest in this selfless deed. He wrote a blank check to the daughter and asked her to fill in the amount. 

After the wedding rituals, Anjali contacted Mahant Pratap Puri, the current head of Taratara Math, through a letter and informed him about her decision.

Anjali was praised for the initiative by Mahant Pratap Puri. He said that setting aside money for the betterment of society and talking about girls’ education at the time of Kanyadaan was an inspirational act in itself.

According to reports, Kishore Singh Kanod ( her father) has already given Rs 1 crore to help construct a girls’ hostel in the area & Rs 75 lakh was needed to finish the work so Anjali stepped in and gave her dowry money to be used instead.

More power to you gurl!