According to a report by the NHRC, as many as 3,00,000 children are made to beg every day in India. These children never get a chance to study in schools and lead a good life.

A cop in Rajasthan is doing something to change the lives of these children for better. According to a report by TNIE, he has set up a school for the street kids in the Churu district of Rajasthan.


Few years ago, the cop, Dharamveer Jakhar noticed some kids begging near the premises of his police station. Talking about his decision to talk to these kids, he said he wanted to learn more about them. He also said:

When I talked to these kids they told me they don’t have parents or any other relatives. Initially, I thought they must be lying but I went to their slums and learnt that they were telling the truth. I felt if I don’t help them they will waste their entire life begging and started teaching them for an hour every day.

In a bid to help these children become a part of mainstream India, Dharamveer started a free school, Apni Pathshala, for them in January 2016. After 4 years of its formation, the school presently has 450 kids.

The school arranges for free commute of the children and also provides them free food, clothes and study material. Talking to TNIE, Dharamveer explained the reason behind this. He said:

It was difficult in the beginning to make the kids agree to show up. But when I found out the reasons pushing them to beg, it was clear they’d come to study if basic needs were met.

Although the school has grown over the years, it lacks financial stability and is in the need of funds. According to reports, the school which is run on donations from different campaigns is not getting any support from the state government.


Dharamveer feels that if guided and helped properly, these children can contribute towards the development of society.

He is working towards a noble cause and we hope that he keeps on doing this so that these underprivileged children receive what they deserve – education.