The students of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, in Punjab, have come together to protest against the sexist practices enabled and enforced by the administration. From this to the suspension of the 6 students when the student community protested against the ‘unhygienic food’- here’s everything you need to know.

The women of RGNUL have been complaining about the strict hostel curfew that is not imposed on men.

The students have been complaining that the curfew starts at 11 pm, library is off-limits after 9 pm and even within the campus their movement is restricted.

Questioning of these arbitrary rules by the students is followed by sexist remarks by the administration.


According to The Quint, students have issues with the university administration run by the Administrative Officer, Mr. S.P. Singh.

According to the reports, Mr. S.P. Singh is an ex-jailer. His previous profession comes into play ‘as he runs the administration in a similar fashion to how our jails are run – with maximum constraints’.

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According to The Wire, the administrative officer has targeted female students with sexist remarks like ‘ye gender equality ka chashma utaaro‘, ‘I identify you as girls before students’ and other statements.

Even after multiple complaints, the administration has failed to take action against this.

According to The Scroll, protesters sent an application to the University Chancellor, Krishna Murari as well, jotting down all the issues – from unreasonable library timings, to alarming indifference to harassment complaints.

Yesterday, 18th March, marked the fourth day of protest started by the students to claim #SexismSeAzaadi.

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According to an anonymous source, reports The Wire, students have compiled a list of detailed instances of problematic behaviour exhibited by Mr. Singh and sent it to the National Commission For Women.

In another protest that has rocked the University, students demanded hygienic food at a hostel mess. According to The Tribune, following the protest, six students were suspended.

Later, a panel of judges from the Punjab and Haryana high court recommended the University to roll back their suspension.

Bar And Bench

The protest against the ‘unhygienic food’ started on the 13th of March, where they banged on steel plates to vocalise their concern. 

But on the 15th of March, the administration zeroed in on 6 students, harassed them and violated their fundamental rights, labeling the protest ‘violent’ and ‘ruthless’. 

Bar And Bench

Following the suspension of the students, protests at RGNUL against the ‘maladministration’ ensued.

The student community decided to meet at around 1 AM on 16th March to hold a peaceful protest. The students also boycotted the mid-semester examinations in protest. The exams began on Monday. 

According to The Quint, the students were threatened that there will be repercussions if they participate in the protest.

According to The Scroll, the Rapid Action Force of the Central Reserve Police Force was called in on Monday.

In the evening of 16th of March, students dispersed as they were given the promise that the Chancellor of the university will meet them in person and listen to their demands.

However, later a Senior Justice of the High Court came to tell them that the promise was a ‘mis-communication’.

Amid all the back-forth of the promises, the students of RGNUL stand united to protest against the maladministration, and the sexist and discriminatory behaviour enabled by the administration.