Ramzan is a month of fasting and the most important month in the Islamic Calendar. It is observed to come closer to God by fasting from dawn to dusk. The period of fast depends from country to country. In India it is for 15 and half hours. The Muslims abstain themselves from food and drink during the day, and they are allowed to eat only two meals a day- the pre-dawn suhoor and iftar at dusk.

During iftar , the streets of Old Delhi become a paradise for food lovers. From keema samosas to paneer jalebis , buff biryan i to nihari they have it all. To experience the beauty of Ramzan and also bite into the famous delicacies served on the streets of old Delhi, I decided to join the Delhi Food Walk for their Sehri and Iftar walk.

For the Iftar walk, we started from Chawri Bazar, covering the whole of the Bazar Matia Mahal and ending near Jama Masjid. The walk comprised of a group of 50 foodies, divided into two groups. We started the walk at 6:30 pm, covered almost 5 kilometers through the narrow lanes and bylanes of old Delhi and ended the walk near Jama Masjid at 11 pm. We take you on this walk through pictures.

The Iftar Food Walk

The walk from Chawri Bazaar to the Jama Masjid.

People performing wudhu (wuzu) inside the Jama Masjid.

Gathering of men, women and childern to observe Iftar.

Men reciting Ramzan Iftar prayers (Ramzan Aftari ki dua) for ending the fast.

A family waits for the Iftar alarm at the Jama Masjid.

Marinated chicken being roasted in special ‘chulhas’ at Aslam’s Butter Chicken corner in Chandni Chowk.

Hand baked coconut bun prepared exclusively during Ramzan.

The authentic nihari or slow cooked buff at Haji Shabrati Nihaari Wale. The dish is served with hot ‘khameeri’ rotis.

Refreshing ‘Gur ka Sherbat’ at Mohalla Pahadi Imli. A brass spoon, which is used to mix jaggery and water, is also as old as the shop’s establishment circa 1947.

Delicious changezi chicken garnished with coriander. It tastes best with a dash of lemon, at Chudiwala street.

‘Sherbat Pyar Mohabbat wala’, a refreshing drink with a blend of milk, Roohafza and small pieces of water melons.

Mouth watering ‘Shahi Tukda’ at 25-year-old Cool Point eatery in Chawri Bazaar.

Black dates in ‘Khuloos’, a shop near the Jama Masjid that offers 350 different varieties of the fruit.

The crowded lanes of Bazar Matia Mahal seen from inside the Jama Masjid periphery.

A lit-up view of the Masjid, beautifully decorated for the festive season.

The Sehri Food Walk

For the Sehri walk, we started from Chandni Chowk, covering Fatehpuri Masjid to Chawri Bazaar Road to Bazar Matia Mahal and ended the walk at Jama Masjid. Walking over five kilometers from 11 pm to 5 am with a bunch of 40 food enthusiasts, tasting 10 different dishes was a unique experience.

Instantly energising lemon water with jal jeera.

Mutton kebabs made with very soft mutton keema at Zaika.

Pizza style omelette at Khan Omelette corner.

Khan Chacha preparing an omelette.

Coloured dry fruits on sale. They resemble the tri-colour, don’t they?

Delicious chicken tikka

Buff Biryani at Dil Pasand Biryani Point. The specialty of the biryani is the pickle they use in the making of the dish which gives it a unique taste.

Firni, a mouth watering dessert made of rice powder and milk at Cool Point.

Sewaiyaan served with hot milk near the Jama Masjid.

And finally a picture of the group that I went for the Iftar and Sehri walks with.

(Pictures by ScoopWhoop photojournalist Sneha Mitra)