In a recent report released by the Journal of Adolescent Health, says, more than 18% female students at one US university reported incidents of rape or attempted rape during their first year at the institution.

The report reveals the increasing number of rapes and attempt to rape cases that prevail in the US university campuses. The survey that was based on questionnaires of 483 participants and counted students’ self-reported incidents of both rape and attempted rape .

Researchers polled young women at an unnamed college in upstate New York, identified in the study only as a ‘large private university’, four times over a year.

So, yeah, rape happens in the United States as well.

It has been nearly three years since the December 16 gang rape of the medical student, for which India has been shamed at globally. It was catapulted back into spotlight after the BBC documentary that interviewed one of the convicts.

BBC’s India’s Daughter reinforced the impression of the rape epidemic in India and the government made it even more prolific after putting a ban on it.

Rape is a glaring issue across the world and we can not judge it country wise. A rape must not be segmented as a third world country incident. It is as common and as grave in every part of the world.

A report by Bureau of Justice Statistics says, between 1995 and 2013, US college women experienced an average of about 31,000 cases of sexual assault annually. Of these, about 18,000 were cases of completed or attempted rape. Which is not less at all. United states ranks at the 13th position for the number of rapes.

Unless we zero-in on why rapes happen, the problem cannot be addressed, neither in India nor across the world.