Raveena Tandon has been known as one of the few Bollywood heroines who wear her heart on her sleeve. She shocked the film industry and audiences alike when she made up her mind to be a single mother in her twenties and adopted her late cousin’s two daughters while at the peak of her career. 

Decades later, the actress made sure her youngest adopted daughter, Chaya had nothing less than a fairy tale wedding in Goa. Raveena even gave away her daughter at her wedding.

Here are some photos from the wedding: 

b’Raveena walking down with the bride. Image Source/Twitter:@Raveenatandon26′
b’Raveena working on the last minute touch-ups on Chaya. Image Source: Twitter’
b”The bride says. ‘I do’ . As a proud mother watches on. Image source: Twitter”
b’Mr & Mrs Shawn Mendes. Image source: Yashvardhan Soni photography’