It’s been over a year since the coronavirus outbreak hit the world. Things still seem really grim as COVID-19 continues to rage. All through this time, healthcare workers have devoted their entire time to the service of patients.

Today, on International Nurses Day, we bring to you a few positive stories of nurses’ dedication towards their duty.

1. This nurse provided uninterrupted services to her patients despite being threatened and stopped by villagers who thought she would infect everyone else in the village.

Reshma Peter Gaurea serves as a nurse at the Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai. She had to travel from her village every day. Villagers threatened her to throw the entire family out if she didn’t stop going to the hospital. But Reshma was determined to serve her patients. She even took the help of the police and ensured that she did her duties.


2. This Delhi nurse managed home and work alone while her husband, who is also a doctor, tested positive for coronavirus.

Viveki Kapoor has been the nurse in-charge at the ICU of the Covid ward in a private Delhi hospital. Describing the COVID situation she said:

I’ve been a nurse for 22 years and worked in the past during disasters which would bring an influx of patients to emergency, but what is unfolding now is unprecedented. Now I’m so tired at the end of the day, that I can fall sleep anywhere. I don’t even need a bed anymore.
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3. This Mumbai nurse stayed away from her husband and kids for days attending COVID patients.

Deputed at the Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai, she sent her children to her live with her sister to ensure their safety. Her story was shared by Humans of Bombay.

4. This Delhi nurse did not skip even a single shift amid the coronavirus crisis.

Girja Sharma, Chief Nursing Officee at the Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh spoke to Indian Express in April 2020. She said:

Almost 500 nurses report to me at this point; if I sit at home, what would be their motivation level? Right now, I am not feeling too anxious because I know about the infection protocol. I try to keep my team motivated; check their nutritional and hydration levels, make sure they take all the required precautions, and keep them updated with all informaton.
Indian Express

5. This nurse working at AIIMS Delhi, skipped her grandmother’s funeral in Kerala amid the raging second wave of Covid-19.

She continued her COVID duties despite getting the news of the demise of her grandmother whom she called ‘Amma’. Speaking to India Today, she said:

Even after reaching Thiruvananthapuram for the last rites of my grandmother, I still could not have fulfilled her last wish. She wanted to see me. So, I decided that serving patients at AIIMS would be more appropriate and more people need me here.
India Today

6. This Delhi nurse volunteered to work in a COVID-19 designated trauma centre much to the dismay of her family.

Speaking to WHO News, she said:

I follow all the cautions – hand-hygiene, physical distancing and respiratory etiquettes. I chose to be a ‘Corona Warrior’ to fight COVID-19. Mental strength is very important during the period. It’s been a month that I am away from my family and unable to take care of my kids. But duty is my priority in this time of adversity.

7. Nurses in Brazil came up with an innovative idea of emulating human touch to comfort COVID-19 patients.

They used two disposable gloves and tied them up after filling them with hot water.  

8. This nurse from the Ottawa hospital in Canada sang ‘You are not alone’ to cheer up ICU patients.

9. This nurse decorated her patient’s room while tidying it up to brighten up his stay in the hospital.

She found a bag full of holiday decorations while tidying up the patient’s room. Speaking to a news agency, she said:

My patient told me her sister had sent the decorations, but she wasn’t sure what to do with them. So, of course, I said, Why don’t we decorate your room to get us in the holiday mood?
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We can never thank them enough for what they are doing for us.