Yes, all millennials are poo. But Desi millennials are the worst smelly poo. Here’s why.

1. All millennials think about is themselves.

Never thinking about others. Such selfish. Much bad.

2. They’re sensitive snowflakes who can’t look hardship in the eye.


3. Millennials have no respect for authority.

Tch. Tch.

4. They just don’t want to go outdoors ever.

5. All they care about is their image on social media.


6. They’re all such a messy lot.

Chhee chhee.

7. Millennials aren’t patriotic at all. 

8. Millennials have no respect for our legacy and values.

This generation I tell you.

9. They have no sense of humour and simply can’t take a joke.

10. They’re way too lazy to function.

11. All they do is make noise about nothing.

12. They just spend all their time on the phone and social media.

You literally can never see a millennial without a phone in their hand.


Ugh millennials!