Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world is wondering why is nobody able to contain the virus yet?

I mean, the world might be having a hard time dealing with the pandemic but kasam se I am safe because I do things like: 

1. I just went to a shaadi. Nowhere else.

The Hindu
As per reports, the groom was showing symptoms but went ahead with the ceremony under family pressure. He passed away two days later. He died before he could even reach Patna’s AIIMS and was cremated without being tested. 

 2. Arrey Coronil cure hai toh, ab toh bahar jaa sakte hai! 

When Coronil was launched, Baba Ramdev had shared that their firm conducted controlled clinical trials on 280 patients who had 100% recovery. 

3. I am young, fit and even play regularly, mujhe nahi hoga!

New York Times
Novak Djokovic was infected after he organized a tournament in Serbia and Croatia. At the tournament, social distancing was not followed in the stands and neither were the majority of people wearing masks. 

4. I just recovered from COVID-19, I won’t get it again.

The Hindu
Karnataka had its first COVID-19 relapse with a 50-year-old Tablighi Jamaat convention attendee. He tested positive days after being discharged. 

5. Yaar, face touch karne se kuch nahi hota! 

My assumption would be not touching my face as much. By the time I got it, I was wearing a mask, and washing my hands every time I went out (which wasn’t often.) But I still touched my face too much, which, I assume, is how I ended up getting it. I literally only went to the grocery store, and that was perhaps once a week, and I tried to stay distant. So it was either touching my face or not disinfecting anything I brought into the house.


In a reddit thread, a user shared how even if one is wearing a mask and washing hands every time one goes out, can still get infected if one touches their face too much. 
Financial Express

6. I’ll go to work just this one time, I’ll take precautions, I promise! 

Going out, I kept going to work take all the precautions and got it anyway. So I’m going no where for the next 3 or 4 months.  


In the same thread, another user stated that even though all the precautions were being taken while going out for work, the user got it nonetheless. 

7. Chill, I am just attending one party.

The Print
Kanika Kapoor tested positive for COVID-19, attended and hosted parties.  

 8. I am going to pray, God will protect me.  

Business Insider
236 people infected with COVID-19 as Oregon church held services during the lockdown.

9. We can meet our friends yaar kuch nahi hoga.

India Today
He was apparently bored and wanted to kill time. 

10. Chalo, let’s go out now, lockdown is effectively over!

Hindustan Times
Amritsar district experienced 166% hike in COVID-19 cases of community transmission after the announcement of lockdown relaxations were made on May 19. 

11. Baba must have some cure for COVID-19 yaa! 

Baba who kissed people’s hands for treating COVID-19, dies of the same and infected 24 others. 

Let’s not forget that lockdown might be lifting but we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Stay safe!