The United Nations has come out with a report stating that the present refugee crisis is the worst since the second world war. There are about 11 million people who have been displaced as a result of crisis around the world.

Source: arch daily

The majority of refugees are from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. While Syria and Iraq are troubled by the Islamic state, Ukraine has been struggling with violence between Russian origin separatists and Ukrainian security forces.

Middle Eastern conflict and ISIS:

The refugee crisis has had drastic effects on countries which share borders with war torn regions. Countries in the Middle East and Mediterranean Europe are facing a huge inflow of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Sub-Saharan Africa. Apart from regional conflicts, the economic repercussions of this crisis are also coming down heavily on many nations.

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Unemployment in Jordan has gone up drastically because of an unending inflow of refugees from Syria and Iraq. Lebanon is facing maximum heat from the conflict with refugees making up 20% of its population. In Lebanese border towns, refugees outnumber locals. The conflict in Syria also seems to have spilled over into the Lebanese border and now the Government is asking for visas from Syrians. Turkey, which has become a hub of refugees ever since the conflict begin, has decided to close its two remaining border gates with Syria.

Migration across Europe:

European countries have decided to crack down on people-smugglers by setting up a European naval force in Italy. A lot of Syrian and North African refugees have died in the past few years while trying to cross over into Europe by sea. EU has asked other member nations to accept refugees to take pressure off Italy and Greece.

Source: refugee resettlement watch

Migration of refugees from Ukraine into Russia and other parts of Europe has set off another refugee crisis in Europe. Countries like Italy, Poland and Germany have rejected applications from Ukrainians despite being popular destinations for asylum seekers.

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Southeast Asia and the Rohingya crisis:

In Southeast Asia thousands of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis are fleeing because of poverty and persecution in Bangladesh and Myanmar. Malaysia and Indonesia initially granted entry to these refugees, but later started returning the boats when the numbers went up. Since then they again granted entry to refugees following international pressure.

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Afghan refugees have been fleeing to various parts of the world since the last few decades and the situation has become worse in recent years. Thousands have been left internally displaced in Pakistan following the Army’s air raids against Taliban in Waziristan. Poverty and internal conflict has forced thousands in African countries to seek refuge in Europe.

Rise in illegal activities:


Smuggling of commodities and underground activities such as counterfeiting passports have grown significantly in Turkey and Lebanon because of a rising number of Syrian refugees seeking entry into Europe. Human trafficking has increased because of desperate conditions in refugee camps. Young girls from Syrian refugee camps are sold to wealthy men from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

While the world struggles to contain violence, millions of lives continue being uprooted.