In a disturbing incident, a doctor at a coronavirus facility in Assam was beaten mercilessly by relatives of a patient who passed away due to the infection. 

The kin of the departed alleged that the death happened due to lack of oxygen and blamed the hospital staff for the same.

They started going around the hospital as the medics tried to run to safety. Dr. Seuj Kumar Senapati had locked himself in a room when people found him and started hitting him with bare hands, as well as bricks and metal dustbin. 

A report from NDTV, quoted the doctor as saying:

They ransacked the hospital, we ran for safety. I entered a room and tried to hide but they found me and assaulted me. They snatched my gold chain, my ring and my mobile.

The relatives were joined by other locals, 24 of whom have now been arrested. Meanwhile, the video is doing rounds on social media as people condemn the attack. 

Absolutely horrific and unfortunate to see the savers of lives fight for theirs like this.