It’s a known fact that India is facing a deadly wave of the coronavirus outbreak, with official figures crossing 3 lakh cases each day. From hospitals running out of beds and oxygen to setting up temporary crematoriums to burn the dead, social media is flooded with individuals seeking help and amplifying requests from others. 

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Several nations are sending aid in the form of rapid tests, PPE kits, vaccine materials and oxygen support. In addition, a number of people across the globe are racing to support India’s healthcare system. If you are looking to donate, here are some reliable organisations you can donate to help those in need.

1. Khalsa Aid India 

One of the most well-known humanitarian organisations, they are helping coronavirus patients with oxygen concentrators for free in the Delhi-NCR area. The NGO is also helping individuals with wood for cremation.

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Khalsa Aid


From PPE kits and oxygen concentrators to diagnostic testing systems, this agency is rushing staff and supplies to support India’s frontline healthcare workers.

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3. Give India 

This is one of the many non-profit organisations that is trying to help people by providing free oxygen cylinders and other life-saving equipment. 

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Give India

4. Indian Red Cross Society 

This society is helping the affected people by delivering emergency medical supplies and providing emergency services across the nation.

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The Sentinel

5. Milaap 

There are numerous fundraisers on Milaap that aim to provide food and oxygen supplies for coronavirus patients isolated in different parts of the capital.

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Thot Impact

6. Care India 

This is a global humanitarian organization that is providing oxygen supply, hospital beds and emergency relief. 

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OP India

7. Uday Foundation 

This organisation aims to give the underprivileged in Delhi a chance to fight COVID-19 by handing out 10,000 wellness kits under their campaign #StayWell which contain paracetamol, ORS and an oximeter among other essential over the counter medicines. They are also raising funds to help the needy with food and necessary supplies.

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Uday Foundation

8. Project Hope 

This global health non-profit organisation is working with local partners to offer PPE and critically needed medical equipment to help frontline healthcare workers fight the spread of COVID-19.

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Project Hope

9. Mission Oxygen 

This campaign by Democracy People Foundation is helping hospitals with oxygen concentrators.

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10. Americares 

This organisation is providing PPE, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters, thermometers and other critical medical materials by working with several states in India.

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11. Feeding From Far 

This organisation aims to help the poor and unemployed in Mumbai with cooked meals and ration kits which include rice, wheat, oil and salt among other items. They have been working in Govandi, a suburban slum and dumping ground in Mumbai where poorer sections of the society live. 

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12. Oxfam India 

This organisation aims to supply PPE and safety kits, along with medical equipment to hospitals. Apart from this, they are also working with local policymakers to support vaccine distribution. 

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13. Khaana Chahiye 

This NGO aims to help migrant workers during the national lockdown in the early months of the pandemic last year. They have over 200 volunteers that include several actors, students, professionals and chefs. 

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Khaana Chahiye

14. Rapid Resource 

This organization is delivering dry rations like lentils, sugar, rice and salt. They are also distributing safety kits to poor families, migrant workers, the elderly and frontline workers.

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Rapid Response

15. Hemkunt Foundation 

This foundation is helping people in need of oxygen by providing cylinders for a refundable deposit of Rs 10,000, for those who can afford to pay. They also have a ‘drive thru’ facility that lets coronavirus patients inhale oxygen from the cylinders at their office for free.

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Hemkunt Foundation

16. Feeding India 

This is a non-profit organisation started by Zomato, which has been raising funds to help mitigate the oxygen crisis that the nation is currently grappling with. They are providing free oxygen supplies to hospitals and patients, under their initiative, India Needs Oxygen.

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Feeding India

17. Hasiru Dala 

This organisation aims to raise funds to support helpless waste pickers whose daily livelihoods have been obstructed by the pandemic. 

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Hasiru Dala

18. Shelter For The Trans Community In Rural North Bengal 

This is one of the many fundraisers that are helping to build a long-term shelter for older, homeless trans-people in rural north Bengal. 

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Gay Star News

19. Animals Matters To Me 

This organisation aims to feed stray animals. With the help of donations, they buy groceries to prepare food and also to purchase ready-made animal food. 

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 20. MCKS Food For The Hungry Foundation 

Infused with Master Choa Kok Sui’s teaching, this non-profit foundation is a force working to make India a hunger free country. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they are distributing N-95 masks and food to those in need. 

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We can’t thank everyone enough for sending their help!