How often does it happen that you guys plan a night out with your friends but everyone just ends up glued to their screens? While technology has made our lives easy, it is also stealing some special moments away. And there are also just so many screens vying for our attention everyday! 

So, this Diwali, let’s keep our phones away for a moment and build a connection with those around us. After all, Diwali is time best spent with your loved ones. And, Reliance Digital’s latest film is showing us just how to do it! 

The heartwarming film tells why we should spend less time on our screens and more time connecting with the people around us this Diwali.

Put that phone aside and put a smile on your loved ones face. Because while you may not remember your conversation over the phone, you’ll surely remember their phuljhari smile!

And rather than spending time updating your social media status celebrate the festival of light with your loved ones.

This Diwali, maybe shut off your Netflix and chill with your mom. And don’t forget to mind your step around the rangoli, yo…

And rather than just sending a forward to your loved ones, you could meet them this Diwali and get your face stuffed with sweets. 

Diwali is about spreading joy. So don’t keep yourself locked in a room in front of your TV. Spread your joy with everyone.

Believe me, y’all taking time off from your screens would be absolutely worth it, this Diwali. If you don’t want to take my word for it, then watch Reliance Digital’s latest film here and let the smiles speak for themselves.

Go find your #MyAsliConnection this Diwali, and also Happy Diwali guys! 

In association with Reliance Digital