Remember this video possibly everyone in India saw and laughed at? The policemen in the video is seen attempting to grab a handrail, as he sways from side to side. He walks up to the door, tries to grab the handrail alongside the door, misses and turns to try and catch another, just as the train brakes. 

He falls to the ground in a heap and seems unable to rise. Two people rush to help him to his feet even as someone unseen by the camera says it’s ok. The policeman then gets up and plods off. 

What’s not funny about it right? It even says ‘FUNNY’ in large letters in the video title.

Turns out if you’ve either been laughing or disgusted by this video, you’ve been laughing at a man who survived a stroke, takes medication and has partial paralysis. However, lakhs have seen the video thinking that the police constable in the video was drunk on duty. 

50-year-old constable PK Salim had to face an inquiry after the video surfaced, got suspended, was the subject of debates on television shows and has been the butt of a joke across the country thanks to the video. Salim, who has been posted at the Civil Lines police station at a desk job due to his condition, has now reportedly appealed to the Supreme Court seeking that the video be pulled down among other things, reports Mail Today

He also wants the the Delhi government, Delhi police chief, Delhi Metro and Press Council to ensure that they take steps for him to “regain his lost dignity” by publishing the truth in prominent places in print and electronic media. 

b’Salim in a clip from the video’

Turns out that Salim had once been fit, but suffered a stroke three years ago which resulted in partial paralysis, a contorted face, memory loss and difficulty in communication. On the day of the video being recorded, Salim had reportedly not taken his medicines and put in long hours despite feeling sick. He reportedly suffered a blackout and couldn’t even see the doors of the metro when he collapsed. 

Salim reportedly became a subject of ridicule among his colleagues and neighbours and his lawyer claims it resulted in his wife suffering a heart attack within one month of the video going viral. The constable is still under suspension but has moved to Kerala on medical leave. 

It’s also time for a mea culpa from us for judging Salim based on the video. But this case only goes to show the perils of thinking you know everything about an incident, just because there’s a video that claims to show the truth. Salim’s case is perhaps another cautionary tale for all of us to not be quick to judge without all the facts being available.