There are many iconic photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life before politics. They’re shared by his supporters to highlight his humble beginnings, how he’s always put his ideals before politics and in general was a pretty awesome guy well before he became the nation’s prime minister. 

One of them is this photo: 

The photo was meant to highlight the BJP leader’s desire for a clean India well before he started the Swacch Bharat campaign. It was also used to show how the Prime Minister has never shied away from the task at hand, no matter what it was. 

But a reply to an RTI application filed in Ahmedabad has shown that its another case of Photoshop being used where it wasn’t really necessary. 

According to a report by Janata Ka Reporter, the reply states: “…it may be noted that the said photograph is morphed and the person in the photo is not Mr Narendra Modi.” 

But where would the Prime Minister’s supporters know anything about Photoshopping him into pictures just to make tall claims? After all, there’s no real evidence of this being done before:

b”A photo that was shared during Modi’s trip to US.xc2xa0″
b’A photo shared during the 2014 general election campaign| Source: Twitter’

And it’s not like the government’s ever done it: 

b’The controversial photo that PIB tweeted out’

Oh well. If nothing else the prime minister’s team is honest about admitting to a photo being a fake one. Hopefully, his supporters will soon do the same as well.