Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ramayana jab at Congress MP Renuka Chowdhury hasn’t been taken well. On Sunday, the 5-time MP hit back at the Prime Minister saying that there was no GST on laughing.


According to the Indian Express, she said that PM Modi’s comments about her show his mindset about women. Speaking to reporters, she said:

There were hashtags like #Laugh like Surpankha, #Lol is a passe and #Laugh Like Renuka Chowdhury. I am a five-time MP and the prime minister draws a parallel of me with a negative character. But he forgets that the women today have changed and they know how to speak for themselves. This shows his mindset towards women,

Speaking at the “Difficult Dialogues” conference on gender in Panaji, Chowdhury further said:

 You laugh…and there is no GST on laughter. I don’t require permission to laugh after being a five-time MP. I have shattered the myth of being stereotyped.

Earlier in Rajya Sabha, when Chowdhury was found laughing loudly during PM Modi’s speech, the prime minister had taken a dig at her by saying that this was the first time he was hearing this kind of laughter after the 1980s Ramayana