In what appears to be the only good news coming out of this year, one in every four Indians might already have the antibodies to fight against COVID-19, Times of India reported.

According to the report, Pune had reported over 50% sero-positivity in certain pockets on Monday, while Mumbai had reported 57% positivity in slums. 

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That being said, whether this immunity is short term or long term, we still do not know. However, the hopes remain that with many people with these antibodies in a community, we could be moving towards herd immunity.

However, since you need 60-70% of the population to have antibodies to have herd immunity, we still have a long way to go.

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But experts believe that Indian communities are closer to herd immunity than their global counterparts.

A doctor from a public hospital spoke to reporters regarding the same and said: “We Indians have been exposed to so many microorganisms that we’ve a better immune response.”

Mind you, India has had a better recovery rate and a lower fatality rate compared to the West.