In a set of disturbing events that are currently unfolding, reports are coming in of a violent attack on Jawaharlal Nehru University faculty members and students. According to sources, an armed, masked mob reportedly entered the premises and began attacking. 

According to Nidhi Razdan, Executive Editor NDTV, the police have reportedly been looking on while the goons attack the students and faculty members, alike. 

Reports further state that JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh has been badly injured along with several teachers in the University. In a video shared by a Twitter user, Aishe can be seen crying, in a state of shock, stating, “I have been brutally attacked by goons wearing masks. I’ve been bleeding.”  

It is being alleged that the goons are part of the ABVP and are on a ‘rampage’, following yesterday’s violence. 

Within minutes of the incident, #SOSJNUSU has begun to trend on Twitter with appeals for people to spread the message on the attacks at JNU and get help at the earliest possible.

The news, images and footage coming out from the unfolding incident is distressing and shocking to say the least. We continue to await further details on the brutal attack on the students and teachers at JNU.