Minutes after Supreme Court’s verdict on the Ayodhya dispute was announced, Zafaryab Jilani, the lawyer for the Muslim side, expressed dissatisfaction. 

The Court in a unanimous verdict granted the entire 2.77-acres of disputed land in Ayodhya to deity Ram Lalla in a set of four directions.

Despite claiming that they respect the court’s decision, the ruling, which went in favour of Ram Janambhoomi Nyas, did not appeal the Muslim Waqf Board. 

Even a grant of five acres of land from the top court was not enough to completely nullify the differences in the seven-decade-old title suit. 

Hindustan Times

Addressing a press conference after the verdict was announced, Jilani said: 

[We] respect the verdict but the judgment is not satisfactory. The Ayodhya verdict has a lot of contradictions, we will seek a review on it. There are several portions in the judgment…we are unhappy and dissatisfied with this judgment. We will file a review petition if our committee agrees on it. It is our right and it is in the Supreme Court’s rules as well.
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Even when he announced a future course of action, the lawyer appealed to the Muslim community to maintain peace and abide by the court’s ruling for the time being. 

He said: 

There should be no demonstration of any kind anywhere on it. We ask people to maintain peace and we will take whatever legal recourse we can. Land of the mosque in the inner courtyard has also been given to the other side.